Thursday, February 25, 2010

As the sun set on Day 3...

The family came to visit last night, to learn the ropes and check out the girls.  All the girls are now wormed, and Willow, our previous non-eater, is still munching away on her wet food servings.

When we gave them their final feed for the day, we refilled the dry food bowls. After their normal food only some of them showed interest in the dry, happily munching it like normal cats, rather than their normal starving routine!

We snuck out in the dark with a torch a half hour later, to discover some dry food remaining.

What this means is, we've finally managed to fill them! Yay! The whole family is very happy with this sign of progress.

My wonderful Mum is staying for a day, and her plan is to spend some time refining the system to make things as easy as possible, so I'm looking forward to seeing what she's come up with by the end of the day.

A huge thanks needs to go out to the lovely people from the Launceston Pagans in the Pub, who donated food, bedding and money to the girl's cause - thank you!!


  1. Jess, you are incredible. I don't know if I could be strong enough to take in 6 cats, but you are amazing to be doing this.

    I've spoken to hubby and we're interesting in adopting one when you're ready to let them go. Let me know :)

    Terri xx

  2. Oh wow Terri, you will make an amazing Turkish Van owner! You'll have to come and meet the girls for sure. Thanks so much, and thank Michael as well. xx