Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 3 - morning update

I was stoked to see 5 little faces looking out at me from the kitchen window this morning, some in the new cat tower.

But while I was getting ready for work, Robbie called out to tell me he could see 6 little faces! I thought he was mistaken at first, but no, there was Willow up on the coffee table, taking in the view.

I've been really worried about Willow, because she hasn't eaten, I hadn't seen her drink, and she wont come out of her cage. I decided this morning that if she didn't improve today, I'd take her to the vet.

But seeing her (even just for a few moments) out in the cage with the others was a sign of progress to me!

We headed out for the morning feed, and Willow was back in one of the carriers. After feeding the rest, I put some food down in her carrier, which she wasn't interested in. Mum suggested to me to dip her paw in it, thinking she'd lick her paw, but she wouldn't let me have a paw from under her. Then I put some food on my finger, and wiped it on her mouth. She tried to get away, but then stopped, licked her chops, bent down AND STARTED TO EAT! Although not the starving chomping the rest do, she ate some, had a rest, then ate some more. You have no idea how excited, relieved and more excited I felt at this point!!! It was worth getting cat hair all over my work clothes, that's for sure. I put some water in the pen with her, left the door closed but not clipped in, and I'm hoping she will eat more at lunch time.

Also, I put down some dry food for the rest in two bowls, as suggested by Cat World cat-aunties. The girls scoffed into this straight away after their normal morning meal, I'm hoping that there are no up chucks when I come home at lunch.

Phew, it feels like its been a big day already, and its only 9am!

Thanks again to everyone for your supportive messages and more - it means the world to me and these gorgeous girls.

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  1. What a relief!! Maybe poor Willow had had no food for so long she had forgotten how to eat! Good news!